Global Solar Certification Network

A global network of certification bodies, inspectors, test labs and solar thermal industry representatives

Introduction to the GSCN


The aim of Global Solar Certification Network (GSCN) is to facilitate cross-border trading for manufacturers and other suppliers of solar thermal products; its objective is to minimize the need for re-testing and re-certification in each new country where products are to be marketed and sold.



The concept of “Global Solar Certification” is being implemented for solar thermal collectors and is based on the test procedures given in the ISO 9806 standard. Other components as well as complete solar water heaters and solar heating/cooling systems could be included a later stage.   



The “Global Solar Certification Network” is a cooperation between solar certification bodies/schemes  around the world. When a product has been certified by one of the participating certification bodies/schemes, the product can obtain certification from other participating certification schemes without re-testing of the product  and without re-inspection of production facilities.



The “Global Solar Certification Network” is made up of industry representatives and representatives from participating certification bodies, test labs and inspection bodies. The Global Solar Certification Network is governed by a board of directors and managed by a manager; the Network operates under the “Global Solar Certification Network - Working Rules”. 


How does it work?


How does it work for manufacturers?

A GSCN manufacturer having already a certificate from a certification body member of GSCN, applies directly to the “new” certification body (also member of GSCN) who issues the certificate he wants next for his product(s).


The manufacturer shows the existing certificate and ask the test lab and inspection body which did the testing and inspection already to provide the "new" certification body with existing test and inspection reports. Test lab and inspection body shall be recognized by the “old” as well as the “new” certification body.


The “new” certification body will then tell the manufacturer if any additional testing/inspection will needed.


If no additional testing is required - or when such additional testing has completed - the manufacturer is granted the license to mark his product with the “new” certificate too.


The web site www.gscn.solar will show lists of certification bodies, test labs and inspection bodies participating in the GSCN – and also show which test labs and inspection bodies are recognized by which certification bodies.


How does it work for certification bodies?

Certification bodies have to show that they fulfil the requirements for membership and will sign an agreement with the “Global Solar Certification Network” (GSCN) to participate. Signing this agreement means that the certification body will recognize certification done by the other participating certification bodies if they both recognize involved test labs and inspection bodies.


How does it work for test labs and inspection bodies?

Test labs and inspectors have show that they fulfil the requirements for membership and will sign an agreement with GSCN to participate. Test labs and inspectors need recognition by the certification bodies they work with.


Become member

Information and guidelines: Become member


More information

More information is available at the website www.gscn.solar, or contact Shawn Martin, GSCN  Manager at manager(at)gscn.solar 



The concept of “Global Solar Certification Network” is developed with support from:



June 2019

GSCN Membership Continues to Grow!

The GSCN has welcomed several new members in 2019: ICIM, ISFH, Global Mark, IAPMO R&T, Solar-Experience, DQS Hellas, Papammanouel, NCSR Demokritos, Kaltech Energy, Ritter, TiSun.  Click here at the full membership list.

March 2019

GSCN Meeting #6

GSCN Meeting #6 was held March  7th, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden

Click here for meeting minutes


November 2018

First solar thermal collector manufacturer awarded SRCC OG-100 certification through GSCN process using Solar Keymark test reports.


October 2018

Certification bodies from  different  certification schemes (SRCC in US and Solar Keymark in EU) have joined the network -  the concept of re-using test and inspection reports  for new certification now ready to operate.


September 2018

IEA SHC Task 57  "Solar Standards and Certification" Expert meeting connected to EuroSun conference in Rapperswil, Switzerland.


March 2018

GSCN Meeting #5 held March  7th, 2018 in Madrid, Spain


December 2017


Video interview with GSCN Manager Jan Erik Nielsen at SWC 2017 in Abu Dhabi


January 2017

Three of the worlds biggest solar collector manufacturers join the Global Solar Certification Network


October 2016

IEA SHC Task 57  "Solar Standards and Certification" Expert meeting and workshop together with SHAMCI Network in Cairo.


July 2016

2016-07-07: Final complete version of approved GSCN working rules published - see: Documents


March 2016

Main part of GSCN working rules approved at  meeting in Berlin


March 2016

GSCN Meeting #3 held March  7 - 8, 2016 in Berlin, Germany


December 2015

2015-12-02: IEA SHC Task 57 "Solar Standards and Certification" Approved Decmber 2015".

The Global Solar Certification Network is supported by: