GSCN Global Solar Certification Network

Apply for Membership

Applying for membership to the GSCN is easy. Instructions are included in the Guideline for Application (PDFDOCX), addressing the requirements for the various categories of membership. Potential applicants should download and review the Guideline before submitting an application. The steps in the application process are listed below:

For Industry and Supporting members:

For Certification Bodies, Testing Laboratories and Inspection Bodies:

  1. Applicant downloads Application Package (ZIP) with Guideline for Application and the GSCN Working Rules giving all requirements for being a member.
  2. Applicant submits the completed application and required documents to the GSCN Manager via e-mail at “manager(at)GSCN.SOLAR”.
  3. GSCN Manager confirms receipt of the application and reviews it for completeness. The applicant is notified if the application is incomplete.
  4. GSCN Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) reviews the application. If the application is not accepted, the applicant will be provided with justification.
  5. GSCN Manager sends an invoice for annual fees upon approval.
  6. The applicant is approved and listed as a member upon receipt of payment.