GSCN Global Solar Certification Network

Global Solar Certification Network – GSCN

The GSCN is a worldwide cooperation between solar thermal industry representatives, certification bodies, test laboratories and inspection bodies. It was established based on the work of Task 43 and Task 57 of the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (SHC) of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The first meeting of the GSCN took place in 2013.… Continue reading Global Solar Certification Network – GSCN

Apply for Membership

Applying for membership to the GSCN is easy. Instructions are included in the Guideline for Application (PDF, DOCX), addressing the requirements for the various categories of membership. Potential applicants should download and review the Guideline before submitting an application. The steps in the application process are listed below:

GSCN Solar Academy Webinar

Last year, the¬†Global Solar Certification Network¬†(GSCN) and the Solar Heating Initiative (SHI) joined forces for the common promotion of high-quality solar thermal products. In this context, the collector label SOLERGY will be jointly promoted worldwide. This webinar will provide information about the key elements of this alliance and its common project: the GSCN and the… Continue reading GSCN Solar Academy Webinar

Certification and labelling: Experts answer questions from the industry

Third-party quality control is key for consumers. Labelling of products supports customers in taking the right decisions. For solar collectors in Europe, Solergy is such a quality label. It shows how much collectors can contribute to a CO2-free heat supply in different locations and at different temperature levels. In close collaboration with the Global Solar… Continue reading Certification and labelling: Experts answer questions from the industry